To the question ,,What is social responsibility?” we know the answer already.

CSR is building the external world's interests and expectations into our own business function. Working together as an efficient team by implementing guiding principles into the company’s days.

CSR is a productive tool that connects the consumers to the company and also to characters of society. This connection is the basics of creating a maintainable business and a sustainable development.

For 9MM Energy Drink International and its employees, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something far beyond of our basic business operations, it is our commitment to serve public interest.


The processes of the multifarious change at present have several adverse consequences. The social problems – globally and locally – are increasingly more visible for anyone to see.

Taking social responsibility and committing to value-based behaviour is the right way to make changes when it comes to efficient treatment.

We invest in the community sports programs and to the local needs. We survey the communities' desires in cooperation with the local leaders and government. These partnerships of ours being built on the results of surveys, and our programs contribute to the growth of our Environment.

As company, we are taking responsibility not only on the market and the workplaces, but also in the communities on a local and also on a global level.

Our company is committed to support those children who live in war zones and those whom exposed to the danger of being used as child soldiers. There is no doubt that the effects of war extend to the most vulnerable members of society, including children. Although armed conflicts occur throughout the world, the African continent and Middle East seem to be a particular background for civil and international wars. We believe that prevention is as much important as handling the problem after it occurred.


Responsibility for our ,,9MM-Team”


Our successes and development is down to our colleagues primarily, so we take responsibility in this field too. We have high expectations towards our colleagues in the interest of our client’s satisfaction. We define governing principles which include business ethics to support fluent and professional communication.

Beside all of this, as a responsible employer we insure that our colleagues spend their work period in the most attractive conditions, use modern equipment and develop in their career. We provide equal opportunities to all of our staff members, and implemented the highest health and safety measurements in our working environment.

’9MM team’