Our Story



The idea of an energy drink with cap struck us in 2009. We wanted a product with an appearance that would be eye-catching and would differentiate our product completely from other energy drinks. After many months of market research we decided on the shape of a bullet; that’s how 9MM Energy Drink was born.

We spent a lot of time and energy on the next step of product development, which continued with the content that we aimed to make really special, excellent and refreshing because we wante the exceptional packaging to be matched by an outstanding drink both in taste and quality. After seven months and testing hundreds of tastes, a well-known, established German raw material manufacturer successfully developed the refreshing, premium category product with mixed fruity taste. As proof of our success in the design and taste development it is sufficient to note that consumers from Ireland to South America drink and enjoy the product.

We selected our manufacturers only after careful consideration: Austrian Starzinger Gmbh carries out the filling process, while the similarly Austrian company Rexam Gmbh manufactures the cans. Thus we can guarantee the consistent high-quality of our product.

In 2010, after one year of research and development, the product was launched. Since then it has conquered the world and is already present in 22 countries on three continents.


Our Mission

Satisfy consumer demand by manufacturing and distributing a premium category, hygienic, high quality energy drink with safety cap, which in terms of packaging and taste is unique on the energy drink market.

Our Goals

  • Raise consumer awareness and brand loyalty through an effective marketing strategy.

  • Broaden exports by contracting with distributors worldwide.

  • Build a truly multinational brand.


Achievments so far

We launched the product in the middle of the global crisis yet despite all the difficulties, we can say that it is a genuine success:

  • exported to 22 countries on three continents;

  • exclusive distributor contracts in 14 countries;

  • participation in international food industry exhibitions and fairs where 9MM Energy Drink has won true appreciation.

9MM Energy Drink is looking For Distributors

Our product family is keep growing, so now we are looking for distributor partners in the USA and in other countries as well. 9MM Energy Drink is unique in every single way. It represents the shape of a bullet. The design and its appearance are eye-catching and it differentiates completely from other energy drinks with its cap on the top of it. The mixed fruity taste of it is refreshing, and the top performance is guaranteed with it.

Our aim is to cover the need of the market by offering a wide range of products from the premium category to a lower price segment. Because of this, we decided to extend our product line by introducing different size of cans, that all reflect different size of calibers. This way, we create a strong association between our cans and the caliber sizes. Some of these cans will come with a cap, while others will come without it. As part of the line extension we are also about to introduce additional flavors to the 9MM family this way making our palette more colorful.