For 9MM Energy Drink s.r.o. and its employees, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something far beyond of our basic business operations, it is our commitment and investments into social, charitable programs through which we serve public interest. Our company intends to take action against armaments and committed to help those children who live in war zones; thus, increasingly exposed to the danger of being used as child soldiers.

There is no doubt that the effects of war extend to the most vulnerable members of society, including children. Although armed conflicts occur throughout the world, the African continent and Middle East seem to be a particular background for civil and international wars. The recruitment of minors, the abuse and deployment of them in wars are such serious problems, of which elimination requires wide social cohesion. Sadly, there are currently over 250 000 child soldiers involved in armed conflicts worldwide who are recruited to act as fighters, porters or messengers. These services are not in the least bit safe and deployed child soldiers are often get injured at conflict times.

Consequently, our company is determined to make donations to various organizations. Especially for those seeking to address issues related to weapons and those fighting against children being sent to war. We believe that prevention is as much important as handling the problem after it occurred. Due to the latter, we do our best to support those children who get injured in war zones; thus, need medical treatment and support.

Our main aim is to prevent children being sent to the battlefield and to help those children get injured in war zones while fighting. Taking social responsibility for preventing kids being used as soldiers is an integral part of our corporate culture. Hence, we integrated CSR in all our business activities and workflow.

If you are an organization, who needs donation for medical treatments of war injured kids, or donation for any physical equipment that improves the life conditions of these children, Please contact us by sending an e-mail to

’9MM team’